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Component description

The MKSearch query component is responsible for handling HTTP-based search queries by general users. It's implementation is currently in the form of a single HttpQuery servlet class that forwards queries to custom JSP result pages that query and display the results with a custom ResultsRenderer type.

Completed task information has been moved to the beta 1 query plans archive.

Beta 2 development plans

Echo predicate values in results
The current result output uses minimal title, summary text and link values. The result set includes the object literal values of the query predicates and could be included in the results summary to help users refine their query.
Results cacheing
Standing RSS feeds and results paging will also require a result cache to optimise performance on the server side. However, the cache mechanism also needs to be integrated with the repository management interface, so that stale results are purged.
AND and AND NOT queries
The query builder should interpret the + and - symbols immediately before a word to mean AND and AND NOT respectively.

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