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System components


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Component description

The MKSearch indexer component is responsible for extracting metadata from Web documents. It's current implementation is in the form of a set of SAX content handlers and XML filters. The content handlers are used in JSpider plugins and are triggered by document download callback events.

Completed task information has been moved to the beta 1 indexer plans archive.

Beta 2 development plans

Incremental indexing

The current indexing process is driven by worker threads in the JSpider Web crawler and results in a new RDF repository for each crawl session. This will be satisfactory for development and testing purposes and may suit some production configurations, however incremental indexing will ultimately be required, so that "live" repositories can be updated while continuing to provide public query services. This development is co-dependent with more sophisticated repository management interfaces for the Triple Store component.

Development plans

RSS 1.0 processing

The current system only processes (X)HTML document metadata. MKSearch is also required to index RSS 1.0 feed metadata according to the RSS Dublin Core Module and RSS Qualified Dublin Core Module. This will require a different set of content handlers (and an additional JSpider plugin).

Task progress:

  • Draft RdfStoreWriterPlugin class and RdfContentTypeOnly rule prepared.
  • Test indexing successful, reviewing plugin configuration.

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