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Beta 1 release plans

Beta 1 checker plans

Beta 1 crawler plans

Beta 1 indexer plans

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MKSearch beta 1 release notes

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Beta 1 checker plans

This page lists summary task and progress notes for the beta 1 release of the MKSearch checker component. This is an archive page.

Repository management interfaces

A wrapper layer is required around the repository to dynamically maintain the contents to permit incremental indexing. The wrapper will need to handle exception messages from the crawler, validator and indexer components to purge invalid records from the repository. It will also need to add RDF statements generated by the indexer and ultimately purge stale entries from the result cache.

Task progress

  • Completed a set of store management interfaces to insert and purge statements.
  • Prepared a set of concrete SubjectManager types to stand in place of plugin-based storage control:
    • HtmlFileSystemSubjectManager handles HTML output for plugins such as JTidyFileWriterPlugin
    • TripleFileSystemSubjectManager handles N-Triple output for plugins such as XhtmlTripleWriterPlugin
    • LocalRepositorySubjectManager handles Sesame local repository storage for plugins such as XhtmlStoreWriterPlugin
  • Refactored all RdfContentHandler types and plugins to use the new store manager system via a StoreManagerFactory; a SubjectManager is allocated according to the PropertySet configured for the plugin.
  • Adapted all unit tests to the new scheme and completed coverage tests.
  • Full complement of store manager interfaces completed to beta 1 requirements.

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