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JSpider start-up process


Build notes for FC4

Configuration notes





Source file types and extensions

Tomcat on FC4

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JSpider source modifications

The version of JSpider currently used for the MKSearch project is jspider-0-5-0-dev. Some temporary workarounds to solve issues with the GCJ compiler and libgcj runtime environment are noted below.

  • The PluginInstantiator throws a IncompatibleClassChangeError when it tries to load StatusBasedFileWriterPlugin. This problem seems to be because this class does not implement the first constructor that the instantiator calls, with String and PropertySet arguments. The ConsolePlugin has such a constructor and loads successfully. It has been difficult to create a simple test case that reproduces this error, so an extra constructor has been added to StatusBasedFileWriterPlugin.

Unresolved issues

There is a similar problem to the plugin classloader issue with GCJ loading Rule types in the RuleFactory class. In this case the Constructor newInstance method throws a NegativeArrayIndexException. Despite detailed investigation the exact cause of the problem could not be deduced and no simplified test case would reproduce the problem. This issue has been left aside for the time being.

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